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Wason Preservation and Joinery Scotland

Wason Preservation and Joinery is a leading company in South West Scotland offering services throughout the south west and central area of Scotland. We can undertake a range of timber treatments for preservation and dealing with dry and wet rot.

Loft Conversions:

Loft conversions are becoming a popular way of adding living space onto your property. This can be achieved without any loss to ground space surrounding your property.

Dry and Wet Rot:

There are many types of funguses covered by wet rot and they have the similar remedial measures. They cause darkening of the timber or bleaching. Soft rot is regarded as a superficial form of wet rot.

Dry rot (Serpula lacrymans) will only affect timber that is damp, typically affecting timber with moisture content in excess of 20%. For this reason, removing the source of moisture should form the core of any dry rot eradication strategy.


Woodworm holes found in timber are caused by the larvae of beetles that feed on the timber. Larger woodworm holes on the surface of the timber are formed when the adult beetle emerges from the timber to mate.

Rising damp

Rising damp (or Salt damp, as it is known in many parts of the world) is not the most common form of dampness encountered in buildings; this is left to condensation. However, a high proportion of older buildings are affected by rising damp to some degree or another.

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